Tune in today to see the winner of the AAAMAZING NAIL TECH Award!

The journey from nail talk student to veteran nail tech is one that is marked with many challenges, lots of successes, and ample opportunities to help and encourage others along their journey.

Nail Talk Radio is Proud to Introduce the AAAMAZING NAIL TECH Award

This award was created to honor the vigilant, dedicated nail technicians who have dedicated so much of their life to our industry and its betterment.

Award Winners are recognized for

  • The support and mentorship they have offered selflessly
  • Their dedication to educating others
  • Their willingness to go the extra mile, answer questions and guide everyone towards success
  • Their Leadership
  • Their Ever-Advancing Talent
  • Their Perseverance
  • Their commitment to always learning the latest and greatest

This weekend, Nail Talk Radio will be honoring their first Nail Tech with an award that recognizes them for all they have done to help other nail techs, and our industry as a whole, maintain a reputation of success.

We are always excited to hear about and meet other nail techs, and would love to hear if you know someone who you think would be a perfect fit for the AAAMAZING NAIL TECH Award. If so, please send us an email and let us know who you are referring and why.

Stay tuned via Facebook to meet our first, official award winners. Use hashtag #ntrsmokies when you chat and share, we are giving away prizes and more and want to hear from you!

Watch the live episode of Nail Talk TV below!

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